Providing Life-Changing Service

Our Leadership Team

Dwight Dunagan

Executive Director

I have had the opportunity to work in several great careers. I was in the Army for several years as a Staff Sergeant in some specialized units. I was a police officer and later a detective for the San Diego Police Department. I completed a few degrees and became a professor at several private universities in Orange County. Each career I’ve had has brought me in contact with people struggling with various types of mental illness and health needs. After decades of service and training, I decided to complete a doctorate in clinical psychology. I’ve not worn a uniform since. I have fallen in love with this industry and more specifically this community. My father has his own struggles with MCI the past few years as he’s in his early 90’s. His experience was an awakening for me. I left my private practice and my professional consulting company to begin working in this industry and it has been the most rewarding change I’ve made to date. This team cares more for our residents than I could ever fathomed. The amount of compassion and love I see every day is unapparelled in any career field I’ve ever experienced.

Hayden Petrovick

MBA - Director of marketing

After completing my MBA I designed several marketing campaigns for the senior living industry. After learning more about the industry I realized I wanted to work in it more directly. I am now the Family Liaison for our community. I love helping families navigate their needs. I get to spend my day talking with phenomenal people and truly helping them. Even if they do not choose our community for themselves or a loved one, I get to provide information and resources to help them on what is often a complicated and emotionally taxing journey of finding the right place to live. This position is so much more than showing a building. Our Five acre location shows itself. I get to really connect with people and create lasting relationships with them.

Juan De Santiago

Culinary Director

I started my career at CMI in an entry level role. I saw numerous leaders come through the dietary department and I was able to learn a great deal. I realized how much I love working with our residents and with our employees over the years and it became a true passion of mine. Along the way, preparing meals for people became an even bigger drive in my life. When the leadership team offered me a chance to join as a director I realized the department could not be a dietary department. We are not making food for medical patients. We are providing an experience for our residents in their home. We changed the department to the Culinary team and we have continued to increase our quality, efficiency, and presentation every day since. The compliments we receive and continued health of our residents drives us to do what we do. We love keeping our residents happy, healthy and well nourished.

Ruby Racca-Magao

LVN – Nursing Director

This team, building, and the residents are part of my family. I love CMI and I cannot see working anywhere else. The residents are sweet loving people who are excited every day to enjoy what we offer and have planned. My team oversees all the clinical care and medication management for the residents along with training nursing students and interns. It would be a hard question to answer what I love more, the teaching or the application of what I do. I would say working with the residents, hearing their stories, and knowing we are helping them live the healthiest life possible is what truly makes me happy. My team and I look forward to taking care of more wonderful families throughout the coming years.

Jeremy Vasquez

Director of Plant Operations

I have worked at CMI for numerous years and it has been a remarkable experience. Keeping the building looking great and running smooth is my passion. I have an outstanding team of people that provide our residents with crucial services. My departments include laundry, housekeeping, and maintenance. Each member of my team takes great pride in knowing every residents needs. Helping them maintain their independence, while providing assistance as needed and doing all we can to make our residents smile with every interaction is our mission. We would love to have the opportunity to help you or your loved one at CMI.

Mackenzie Catrine

CTRS – Activities Director

After getting my degree in recreational therapy I was excited to start my career working at the Veteran’s Affairs offices in Orange County. After some time working there, I realized my passion for working with aging adults. I left the VA to gain experience working with memory care residents struggling with advanced Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, and mild cognitive impairment (MCI). Seeing residents get excited doing things they did before these illnesses impacted them brings me more joy than anything I’ve done in my career to date. This industry is unlike any other career. When I was given the opportunity to come to CMI I was blown away by the size of the campus, the amount of people excited about activities here, and the quality of the team. I tell our team often, this is the best place I’ve ever worked. I look forward to meeting you or your loved one and inviting you to our activities.