COVID-19 Update

July 31, 2020

Dear Residents and Family Members:

We wanted to provide you an update on what is going on in our community related to COVID-19.

We have recently learned that another one of our employees has tested positive for the virus after being exposed, we believe, outside of our community (the previous positive employee was July 4th). This individual has not been in the building since July 26, 2020, and the employee was asymptomatic when last at work. When the staff member was in the building, all appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) was used and good social distance was practiced when not providing care.

However, be assured we are following CDC and local health department guidelines in both determining the employee’s possible return to work date and any additional precautions that will be taken upon the employee’s return to work.

We have continued to follow the infection control processes we outlined in our previous update.

Given the surge in COVID-19 cases, we would ask you (or encourage your loved one to):

• Wear masks when outside of your room/unit;
• Engage in more frequent hand washing/sanitizing;
• Engage in good social distancing when outside of your room/unit; and
• Do not take or greatly limit any trips off the Community campus.

We continue the monitoring of residents and staff for changes in their health. We will notify residents MD and responsible parties if there is a change in a resident’s condition, whether potentially related to COVID-19 or not.
If things change in the community, we will provide you with further updates. As always, please contact me with any questions or concerns.


Lori Waters
Executive Director
California Mission Inn